Keith Casey for Congress

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Who I am

A blessed man of G-d, whose wealth is counted as the network of people who has crossed his path and he has crossed theirs… (the network is growing exponentially). Touched deeply by his Scouting experience in his youth… Eagle Scout… Lodge Chief and Vigil honor member (Order of the Arrow)… High Adventure Explorer Post with which he canoed over 2,000 miles of white water rivers in our nation. A member of the “Royal Order of the Stinkers.” A “business doctor” who has turned around 3 companies that were in bankruptcy or were headed in that direction. An accountant by profession who is keenly aware that the greatest asset of any organization is the people within it and the true “bottom line” is the value of the service they render….


Stuff I do

Aided our “intelligence community” immensely in our war on terror soon after 9/11. Have been persecuted by said community every since my service to them… I now know too much. Authored a book entitled It’s Not Right or W.N.T. “H.O.G.” (Why Not To Help Our Government) which was written to stay alive… (the story could have been buried with the author… now that the book has been published, it cannot…) Running for U.S. Congress for such a time as this… I have been uniquely prepared to serve the 36th district of Texas… a region in which I grew up and know very well and whose people I consider to be my family… Over the last ten years, my education has been rather intense regarding the dark side of our federal government… I am ready to engage the enemies of our nation, both internal and external, and return our nation to the adherence to the constitution written by our founding fathers… Throughout my lifetime and career, I have become “the tail that wags the dog.” I have exerted far more influence than one could expect from the position held… This congressman will well represent YOU and YOUR seat in the nation’s capitol…(a very dark place indeed.) Strongly believes that all change begins with “looking at the man in the mirror…” I encourage you to join with me in that endeavour so that once again our nation can be made up of G-d fearing men and women…


One more thing

Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote! BENJAMIN FRANKLIN.